Mold Setter Posted Jul 12
Merrimac & Associates, LLC , Clinton Township, MI
MOLD SETTER - Clinton Township, MI area - Full Time & Permanent

General Description:

Preparing injection molding machine (IMM), auxiliary equipment and setting mold into IMM. This includes setting barrel heats, process (when available), robot, end of arm tooling (EOAT), nozzle replacement and any connections (water, air or hydraulic) lines. Pulling existing mold from press and place all equipment not used into proper location. Fill out all necessary paperwork.

Work experience requirements:

Resin Handler Experience, Mechanical aptitude.

Experience with ISO9001 and QS9000 requirements.

Experience with Injection Molding Machines and mold setting.

Familiarity with mold and mold functions.

Knowledge of resins and tooling.

Education / Skills:

High School Education or Equivalent (GED);

Safely and best practices on mold setup.

One to three months on the job training; is required for the assignment.

Good disciplinary standing is a must to be considered for position or training.

Specific Responsibilities:

Read operator and setup instructions. Fully understand the function of the mold, such as hydraulic core sequence, water diagram, etc.

Setting barrel heats, after ensuring that IMM is purged out of previous material.

If available, enter process into IMM and robot.

Clean mold's back plates (clamping surface) and platens before and after each mold change.

Installation and removal of molds in accordance to the established procedures.

The use of the crane in accordance with the established procedures.

The installation of all related connections needed for a mold change.

The installation of pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical signals, hot runner, RJG, cores, without damaging them, verifying for leaks and proper signal relation.

If available, follow water line diagram, if not available fill out water diagram.

Ensure all water lines are connected, flow verified and safety locks installed.

If needed hydraulic and/or pneumatic lines are connected and tested for proper function.

Maintain a safe and clean working environment for all employees by performing your assigned duties

Complete required paperwork and any necessary documentation in an accurate and timely manner.

Maintain all working areas to be free of any trip hazards, removal of all the unused component from the surrounding area of the IMM when completing the mold changes.

Included are all the related components clamps, screws, hoses, washers, EOAT, etc.

Clean up of water and oil around IMM, including all hand prints wiped off of all surfaces,

Follow the established Safety rules and policies during the workday and while in the operation of the company production vehicles including and all powered industrial equipment in and around the facilities. Some of the mentioned equipment requires special permits and training, which requires testing and passing grade to gain the privilege of operation. Operational privilege can be revoked by any company officer if the operator is found in any unsafe act. The equipment operator must follow the training provided.

About the Company

Merrimac & Associates is a complete staffing concern specializing in manufacturing personnel. We provide full time and permanent career opportunities to qualified personnel in the Michigan area with unique growing client companies.

Employment Type: Permanent

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