Insurance Sales Posted Jun 29
The Vena Agency , Wexford, PA
If all we were about was selling insurance, we'd be just like everybody else. But American Income Agents have a unique opportunity to make an impact on their clients, their community, their family, and their career. There's way more to it than meets the eye.

American Income Life Insurance Company seeks a select group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers eager to jump start their sales career with a fast-paced, stable, and internationally growing company.

If you find yourself in a job without the compensation to match your ability, without the prospect of advancement, or without the flexible schedule you desire, American Income Life might be the solution to your dilemma.

American Income Life gives you the opportunity to earn as much as you desire. With a wealth of ambition comes a wealth of earning potential.

About the Company


Our growing office for labor union benefits is looking to add multiple positions to our Pittsburgh office location

We are looking for an individual who is serious about their career. They know that what they put into their career is what they are going to get out of it. They also know that the company they are looking for is well established (over 50 years, and part of a Fortune 1000 company). They want a company that cares about their success, and is dedicated to personal growth, and professional development.

Our company has a well established marketing plan, and a strong niche market (50,000+ groups internationally) and has a product that has value, and is a necessity (over 6.5 million customers worldwide). We train constantly, and only promote from within, which is based on performance, not on seniority. We care about people and that is why we are #1 in our market internationally.

We foster an environment of teamwork, ownership and involvement to support a healthy and positive workforce. We're only looking for the best candidates with a great attitude, who are passionate about helping others. Our Company offers an amazing career opportunity.

Employment Type: Permanent

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